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Simple Pagination for ExpressionEngine

Simple Pagination for ExpressionEngine Simple Pagination is an addon for ExpressionEngine written by Dom Stubbs.  It allows you to create multi-page blog articles much easier than you would be able to otherwise.  I started using it when I redesigned this website last month, but I ran into a few issues shortly after launch.  Not wanting to hold up my site release I launched anyway, and told myself I’d get around to fixing the problems later.


Flash, and the future of the web

Recently, there’s been a lot of debate about Apple’s decision to not support Flash player on the iPhone and iPad.  Both Adobe and Microsoft have said their pieces, and now it’s up to the community to figure out what to do, as developers and consumers are the ones being effected by these decisions. I think debate is healthy, especially around a topic that effects the core of today’s web, and the future.  But there’s a lot of mud being thrown, and a lot of people missing the point.


Subcide: A new beginning

If you’ve been here before, you may notice things looking a bit different.  This redesign has been a LONG time coming (about 4 years) and I feel I need to apologise to all this site’s readers and visitors for how stagnant things have been over that time.  I can’t count how many emails I’ve sent saying “New redesign coming soon!” only to have another project take priority. So what’s prompted this change after so long?