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7 Photoshop efficiency tips

7 Photoshop efficiency tips Photoshop is an immense application, packed full of so many features that almost no one will ever discover them all, or how to use them to their full potential.  With so many features also comes a bunch of shortcuts and hotkeys, which are often hidden away in documentation, and in my experience, most people only use things recommended by other people, or things they find by accident.

So here are the shortcuts and various bits of trickery I use literally every single day in Photoshop, to make life just a little bit less painful.  Some may seem so simple that ‘everyone should know THAT one’, but that’s not the case.  If even 10 people find something new here that helps their workflow, then my mission has been accomplished.


Creating rounded corners with precision

I love rounded corners.  They can make designs look more elegant, appear more simple and easy to use, and can portray feelings of friendliness and comfort to a user, all on a subconscious level.  Unless of course, they are done badly.

In this tutorial I’ll explain how to avoid common mistakes and create perfect corners every time.