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Creating a value proposition

A Value Proposition is a way to summarise what a client or project does. It can be used as a project’s mission statement, and can help focus the whole development and design team on important areas such as who the users are, the competitive advantages of their offering, and what the problem is that we’re trying to solve.

I would recommend creating one of these with your client in your first meeting with them, as it can be a valuable tool in requirements gathering, and beyond.


Below is an example of a value proposition we wrote for Samespeak while I was working at Enlighten Designs:

“For non-english speakers who want to learn conversational English, we provide an easy way to connect to native English speakers via the internet that ensures an authentic conversational experience. Unlike other English language websites, who offer impersonal lessons, Samespeak will connect students with real people that will make for a more flexible and friendly learning experience.”


Creating a value proposition is easy, just sit down with your client and fill in the blanks in this template together:

For [Target customer] who [needs, requires something], we provide [the solution/description] that [gives specific benefits]. Unlike other [products/businesses], who [provide solution/benefits/functions], [our solution] will [have benefits, more/better/faster] that [offers better customer experience].


  • Acts as a project mission statement
  • Gives the team a good ‘big picture’ overview to help them understand the specific things their tasks are trying to achieve
  • Gives the team a common goal to work towards
  • Great quote to use to open a formal quote or specification document
  • Great quote for use in marketing material and case studies
  • Good fluffy deliverable to sell to management :)
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