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Subcide: A new beginning

If you’ve been here before and the layout is looking strange, please close this tab, clear your browser’s cache, and reload the page.  Clicking shift+reload might also work.  If the layout is still broken for you, then please let me know.

If you’ve been here before, you may notice things looking a bit different.  This redesign has been a LONG time coming (about 4 years) and I feel I need to apologise to all this site’s readers and visitors for how stagnant things have been over that time.  I can’t count how many emails I’ve sent saying “New redesign coming soon!” only to have another project take priority.

So what’s prompted this change after so long?  About a month ago I resigned from Enlighten Designs, where I’ve been working for the last 8.5 years, which is in fact my whole career up to this point, and decided to move out of New Zealand, to London for 2 years to live, work, and travel.  I noticed that I’d started to get to a point where things needed to be shaken up a bit, as my focus was slipping away from the web, and more towards my hobbies and my music.  While I love these things and will continue with them, I wanted to get my head back into web design and really try and achieve my potential.

Luckily for me there has never been a better time to start pushing new boundaries and learning new things on the web, because of emerging standards such as HTML5, CSS3, as well as huge industry changes like the mobile web finally becoming a reality, and the upcoming and long-overdue demise of IE6 support.  I’m looking forward to being able to leverage these things to create the most interesting and most usable and accessible web experiences of my career so far.

This new site design is also an experiment in using the new semantic tags in HTML5, which I hope to learn a lot more about, and share that knowledge through articles here.

I’ve had to fastrack the site release in order to get something up and start looking for jobs, but if you see anything that looks broken our out of place, please let me know, and I’ll get onto it as soon as possible.  Also let me know what you think of the new site in the comments below.  Thanks everybody :)


  1. Picture of Yasir
    Yasir says:

    hey Steve Congrats! new design looks great.

  2. Picture of Steve Dennis
    Steve Dennis says:

    Thanks Yasir, working on that problem with comment posting now.  Thanks for the heads up :)

  3. Picture of Steve Dennis
    Steve Dennis says:

    And fixed.  Comment posting and notifications should all now work properly. 

    Many thanks to @theinsaneone on twitter for ongoing .htaccess help :)

  4. Picture of nathstar
    nathstar says:

    Good work bud! Looks (and works) great on the iPad too, well done! :)

  5. Picture of Steve Dennis
    Steve Dennis says:

    Cheers Nathan, I’ve got plans for an iPhone stylesheet in the near future as well (for as long as I stay unemployed and have free time anyway).

  6. Picture of Ashley Steel
    Ashley Steel says:

    You’d better make that ‘iPhone’ stylesheet Android compatible too… you know where to find a Beta tester… ;)

  7. Picture of Alex Taylor

    Always happy to help, I lived and breathed Apache and PHP for years before Enlighten.
    Now you just need to stop your twitter footer putting in @replies!

    Site is looking mean!

  8. Picture of fiwedding
    fiwedding says:

    You’d better make that ‘iPhone’ stylesheet Android compatible too… you know where to find a Beta tester… ;)

  9. Picture of paige.findley
    paige.findley says:

    you think if i try really hard, i could become as cool as you?
    seriously… i appreciate your work. you’ve helped tons of goobers like me learn lots.
    hoping the best for you and your pursuit of London, a career, and joy everlasting… is it in you?

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