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Website content with personality

I got about 3 paragraphs into writing a blog post about content with personality, and then realised all of what I’d just written had none. So I scrapped it, and I’m just going to write this completely off the cuff and see how that works for me.

I hate boring website content. Like millions of other internet users I have to sit there and actually *read* this stuff, but I also get the fantastic job of making these sites which pain me to read. On the whole its just stagnant informational text, ‘keyword-rich’ text meant just for search engine robots, or blatant push marketing that screams at your eyeballs.

It’s a sad state of affairs when you enjoy reading your email spam more than the content of the sites you are developing. Maybe its just my absurdist sense of humor, but its a great way to start the day opening up your email and reading:

She said was no goddess that. And this was it I gave him being. Own scorn return to them. The honours that can fly. They include asteroid 9007 which according to its discoverers at the Klet observatory in the Czech republic could only be called James Bond.

Did you always wanted to have an average cock and average women? We don’t think so.

I was reading an interview on Rock, Paper, Shotgun this morning with Erik Wolpaw, co-writer of Psychonauts and more recently Portal and TF2. These are great examples of humor and personality making something instantly more memorable. After finnishing portal I actually emailed Gabe Newell from valve and suggested that the writer deserved a payrise (no need to thank me Erik).

In his interview he mentions that he thinks that basically all games should be funnier. And all movies and books and food. I’ll add websites to that list.

I love getting the chance to add little bits of humor or creative writing to Enlighten’s internal projects, but I think it could stand to happen a lot more. I had fun writing the 404 page for the new enlighten site, and adding little touches like the “Boring Necessities” heading in the footer. These are both things we’ve been hearing people mention that they love about the new site (and how often do people love seeing a 404 page?).

I started playing trying to add personality when I redesigned subcide last year, and then it started to bleed into other things I was working on.

The rant-nature of this post is more in line with what this blog was intended to be from the start, but it hasn’t really panned out that way. Half from fear of sounding like a ranting maniac, or worse, an idiot, and half out of just being too busy to sit down and write flat-out for a period of time. Regardless I feel like I need to sum this up with some kind of message:

If you write the kind of stuff you’d want to read, chances are there are other people who will want to read it too.

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